Urban Design

I prefer "UrbAn Design" to Urban Planning, which I see as one particularly central-ConTrol oriented approach to Urban Design. Even Design is a word which conjures up a central intention which I think is inappropriate, but I'll let that slide for now.

Robert Moses destroyed big chunks of NYC through Urban Planning. Mass Public Housing for the poor, Neighborhood destruction via highway construction, over-ZonIng, etc. Hopefully he's in a Circle Of Hell.

He was finally defeated by Jane Jacobs, in his attempt to bring a highway through Greenwich Village, right into Washington Square Park.

I'm curious about Rem Koolhaas, but not sure what the heck he's in favor of. I'm afraid it might be "making the city attractive through weird big buildings". (Architecture)

Christopher Alexander kicks butt as a bottom-up designer, but I'm not aware of any direct influence he's had in any cities. But I could be wrong. His site has a free section on town planning

Politically, cities are often affected by state-level and federal-level rules, mandates, etc. Is there potential for Urban Secession?

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