perhaps the most obnoxious BigCo/Big Retail? (other than Microsoft?)

my big non-PublicPolicy recommendation: don't shop there. Buy your necessities elsewhere, and if paying more for those leaves no money for non-necessities, then so be it.

  • note that I buy a fair amount of stuff at K Mart, so I'm slightly hypocritical about this maybe

Recipient of Corporate Welfare from local governments.

Book Store!

  • Text-Book sales

  • In mid-1990, the company acquired Western Merchandise, Inc., of Amarillo, Texas, a supplier of music, books, and video products to many of the Wal-Mart stores.

  • (1999): deal with Books A Million to handle E Commerce of books

  • (2004): Wal-Mart can account for as much as 20% of sales of popular books. But Raab says that's truer for commercial fiction by well-known novelists such as Nicholas Sparks than for political titles.

  • Jun'2007: dropping Mid List to focus on Best Seller-s?

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