Web Server

piece of software (running on hardware) that hears HTTP requests and responds to them. Sometimes it simply delivers static documents, sometimes it's a WebApp. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_web_servers

Sometimes an Application Server (like a Python Web Framework) will have its own built-in Web Server, other times it will run "behind" a separate server like Apache or LightTPD.

use Server Monitoring to make sure it's up

Log/Web Traffic analyzers

who uses what? (old list)

Python-specific options

Standard library: Base Http Server, Simple Http Server, Cgi Http Server


Twisted Matrix

httpy http://www.zetadev.com/software/httpy/ - competing with WSGI?

WSGI, Python Paste (these come with their own servers, in addition to having protocols to run behind Apache, etc.)

Security issues with Python Base Http Server, Simple Http Server, Cgi Http Server?

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