Wiki And IRC

Some ideas for doing mashups of IRC and Wiki (esp Wiki For CollaborationWare)

  • I'm not doing anything with this at the moment because our office connectivity is flaky enough that I suspect a bot would keep getting disconnected

    • though maybe I need to test that theory because I think some bots have auto-reconnect features...

IrcBot ideas

  • associates a WikiSpace with a channel (I guess that should be changeable by sending it a command)

  • recognizes WikiWord-s in the human postings

  • checks each against a current list of nodes in the wiki namespace (so you'd need some config file listing the nodes per space, and a way to update it)

  • for each match outputs the associated URI

A flip-related idea: bot that watches RecentChanges and posts changes to IRC.

  • maybe makes sense to use RSS for this?

See Blue Oxen thread - I think a granular-threaded discussion medium is still needed. OHS obviously provides that. I played with a similar idea: Node Web.

custom IRC client - tweak ChatZilla or WxIrc? Have to get the entire team using the same one.

  • have a Wiki space associated with a session. If you double-click (ctrl-click?) on a WikiWord it launches a browser window for that page.

  • pretty rendering of SmartAscii (ChatZilla uses same bold/italic tags as in email)

  • ?

custom IRC server

  • with custom client

    • ??
  • with vanilla client

    • ??

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