Blue Oxen

Blue Oxen is interested in Collaboration Ware and human practices. Started by Eugene Eric Kim and Chris Dent, two Douglas Engelbart (who is on the advisory board) followers.

Blue Oxen Associates is a think tank devoted to studying and improving high-performance collaboration. We are particularly interested in studying knowledge processes - how we share and acquire knowledge, and how we use tools to augment our abilities to inform, to learn, and to collaborate.


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Running some other spaces as well

Their Collaboration Ware of choice include Wiki and EMail List Serv. In both cases they use Purple Numbers to make documents Paragraph Addressable.

  • for WikiEngines, they've customized UseMod. They insert Purple Numbers 'aname' tags at the end of each paragraph each time a page is saved (making sure not to double-tag a paragraph). So if you rearrange a page, the original numbers still work and point to the right paragraph, even though it's moved. Not bad.

Some NYC-area participants (other than me):

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