Wiki On N810

Trying to get a Private Wiki running on my Nokia N810, to replace Wiki On Zaurus.


  • make ~/MyDocs/.documents/wiki directory, and text subdirectory of that

  • copy and piki to wiki directory

  • manually edit a FrontPage file inside text subdirectory

  • hit http://localhost:8000/piki or any paths beyond that: get response 403, "CGI script is not executable"

  • copy piki to then hit http://localhost:8000/ plus variants: always get blank page, and log shows a Permission denied error in in run_cgi

  • all the files in the directory have -rw------- persmission, so do a+rwx * on them

  • now get a response page, though its acting as thoughFrontPagedoesnt already exist - which means it`s probably looking someplace not appropriate for this device.

  • edited data_dir line in code, now works!

    • also set empty value for logo_string and css_url

Get pages from Wiki On Zaurus - 2008-10-27-MovingWikiZaurusToN810 - merge into MacBook repository of even-older pages, then copy whole thing to N810. Bring up page, all good!

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