Search Engine of WikiSpace Wiki Page-s. Mainly for Sister Sites rendering.

As of Sept'2011 it looks like no new spaces have been indexed since 2003.

I wonder if this is best delivered was a JavaScript Widget, so the host WikiSpace does nothing but include a JavaScript call with params in the page template?

What if you tried to build it via or PinBoard? Bookmark every wiki page with tags: the Wiki Name; "MetaWiki"; the wiki space name (InterWikiMap).

Dec'2011: Jerry Michalski noted (in an Email List) how he'd like a real-time Auto-Complete to give him matching page names from his spaces once he kicked things off with the left-double-bracket (double brackets).

Even though I hate Free Link-ing, I'd probably have to support such pages in this, because of the Tiddly Space crowd!

If this db includes a mod-date (hrm, not included in AllPages pages usually - may need to use RSS for this, too), then it can be a wiki-specific Meme Tracker: wikinames created/changed in many spaces in the past day.

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