(2014-04-23) Browser Window Groups Or Spaces

I really want my Web Browser to have the concept of Window Group-s, kinda like MacOs X Spaces.

Tabs are nice to have a bunch of related pages together so you can hide/show them together. But that doesn't let you see windows side-by-side.

Smallest Federated Wiki lets you see a series of related pages Side By Side, but only side-by-side, without window-resizability and 2D placement.

Esp when working with a Wiki or other functional WebApp-s, I like having a bunch of smaller windows. (You can't do this with many content-sites because they have too much design-crap in sidebars.) But then when I want to put that aside for awhile, being able to hide all the windows in that group, and then re-show them all together later, makes a lot of sense.

You could think of a group almost like a Mind Map. A CardDeck with a sticky arrangement.

The MacOs X Spaces focus on grouping apps is totally wrong for this, right?

The way that Smallest Federated Wiki puts pages in a sideways-series of tiles sub-windows is interesting, but (a) not really controllable enough, and (b) only include the pages in SFW-space.

The show-all your opened/recent tiddlers model in Tiddly Wiki/Tiddly Space is also interesting, but again they slide away, and you can't control the size/position of individual sub-windows.

Really, this shouldn't be within the browser, but groups of windows across app, so if you have an email in ThunderBird and a PDF in Preview that relate to some browser windows, you should be able to group them together. But I'd compromise on this being a browser feature.

Does Google Chrome's Tab Sugar do this? It hasn't been touched in 3yrs because of some API issue...

What's the status of FireFox's TabGroups add-on (which used to be Panorama) do the job?

  • It's still available, but seems just like an overview mode to get you to a standard window of multiple tabs. Bummer.

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