(2014-11-05) D3js For Threaded Chat Holocene

A friend discovered the Holocene slide decks and was impressed. I don't recall what that looks like, but I think it reminds me of Apple HotSauce fly-through.

So tonight it popped into my head that D3Js might be a good toolkit.

Might the Force Directed view be good?

Or maybe something where time radiates outward (also comments older than a threshold collapse in the center)?

Would a Tweet Storm be a good data set to play with?

But need a Graph (Everything Is A Graph), not just a Tree. In Twitter any comment can be a Reply to only a single parent. In better conversation, would want to be able to respond to multiple points. (Add links after the fact.)

Also note

  • every Return starts a new Node, making this Node Web. A Node wouldn't have to be a single sentence, but it might usually be.
  • just typing a series of Nodes, each would be Reply to previous. (Hrm, or should each be a parallel Reply to the first Node in the series? How do you define the start of the series?)

Would probably want colors to distinguish people. Maybe set Host as first/key person, reserve Black for them? Then do 3 primary colors, then start splitting (maybe tied to first letter of user name, so 2 names with same first letter would be distant colors?) ? (Way to re-color for a zoomed in section?)

Have compressed label, then click to expand...

Cf my Gated Community thoughts... (eventually have ways to ignore/hide people, share blocklists, allow exception for upvoted comments, etc.) ... 2014-11-05-GatedDisputationArenas

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