(2021-05-26) Pondering a Mental Health space

Whole lotta disruption in the mental health area these days, between:

(Of course, any of those modalities can be combined, or self-tested - Thinking in Bets, Intervention Roulette.)

The key is the 2nd dimension of variation: wellness-level of the patient (heh this reminds me of Gervais Principle pyramid!)

  1. happy/normie/satisfied optimizer: self-improvement
  2. shadow syndromes, Philosophical Counseling.... - this is the place I'm most interested
  3. people with "real/clinical problems"

Why that middle-level?

  • leave level3 to the professional, too risky to muck around (though that could change down the road) (and have to deal with FDA gatekeeper)
  • level1 probably has no significant/compelling outcomes
  • level2 seems like the sweet-spot for big changes - Hero's Journey... or maybe I'm just projecting

framing/naming: "Flourishing for Reality Hackers"?

This kinda-reminds me of the definition-challenge of Scenes, Collaborations, Inventions, and Progress.


  • nice clustering of companies here
  • interesting how many physical issues (diabetes, obesity) have a heavy "behavioral health" aspect, so broadens the "mental health} framing
  • ah, this intervention-vs-acuity map is what I was aiming toward
  • I'm working through list of 50 to summarize/track

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