The Craft

The Craft will by my own Religious Cult, er, social Movement.

Vocabulary: craft, guild (ack not a Trade Guild like a Labor Union), movement, cult, mentor, virtues/values

(Or should the name include a game reference?)

The First Rule of The Craft is "always ask questions".

(hmm, the below bullet sets smell too frozen to me these day...)



Hacker community

Viridian Design (Bruce Sterling) movement?


Robert Anton Wilson Historical Illuminatus Chronicles players in Free Mason/Illuminati and Wicca

Existential Pleasures of Engineering

JonathanHarris ponders a Hippocratic Oath for Software Developers.


Dave McCusker-initiated Hack The Planet thread from Oct'2000 on how to make money through starting a SmallCo with the "right" people. (New Organization Models) If you put enough folks together with some spread in abilities, they can do some things that one person can't do easily at all. And if the group size is small enough, interpersonal coordination and division of labor works reasonably well. If the group shows promise of being able to do something interesting, then folks with money will back what looks like a good bet. But the negotiations with these folks can be killer. You must hold on tight and refuse to break down services into divisible pieces that can be bought and sold separately. You need to keep it together as a lump in all or nothing form. Because if you make it possible for anyone in the group to be peeled off, then you've all become weaker. That's basically it... I think most folks believe (in error) that the primary function of informal networks is to act as pump primers, to loan resources temporarily. But I think that's a side show. The big act is sticking together (Group Forming), so sharpers can't pick you off one at a time. Of course sticking together is relative and involves judgment.

Also a 1996 teen Witch movie. cf Magick

Like all makeover movies, The Craft was about accessing power. From Funny Face to She’s All That, Chick Flicks have been teaching girls to wield Power through good grooming and boys. The Craft offered an alternative point of access: through books, through nature, through one another. For girls who wanted more than boys’ attention—who wanted learning, money, independence, and maybe other girls’ attention—The Craft was a holy text.

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