Contemporary Heroic Instructional Fiction

Is there any fiction today that is also heroic (hero's journey in service of the Transcendentals, not swords) and instructional? Triangulating among

Venkatesh Rao is trying to play in that space (well, more precisely fun as a story AND as a bit of consulting how-to advice), as are his Yak Collective brethren.

  • I listed some other candidates, besides those I noted above.

There's the sci-fi heroism of the Stiegler BrainTrust and other series. But that's too sci-fi and not instructional enough. There's the Kurzweil Danielle attempt at inspiration, but that has similar issues.

There's the collapse/doomsday preppers who use novels to teach you about metallurgy and Un-Civilization Technology.

cf competence porn

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