Greatest Books

If I were nudging a 15-30yo semi-normie/newbie toward becoming a reality hacker, what would I slide over? (Subliminal Subversives)

Top 5+ mind-changers for me in order read (very context/timing sensitive) (and age at which I read each) (others below)

Want to provide a medium-length reading list (subset of BookList) for others to follow along into my Worldview Roadmap.

I'm horrified at the thought of how much I'm leaving out.

Robert Anton Wilson: pretty much all

Neal Stephenson: pretty much all

H L Mencken: Chrestomathy

David Brin: Earth (Brins Earth); Marc Stiegler: Earth Web; Sterling Distraction

Harry Potter And The Methods Of Rationality

L Neil Smith: Probability Broach

James Gleick's Chaos or Kevin Kelly's Out Of Control

Michael Crichton: Jurassic Park (much better than movie at expressing ways that complex systems go wrong)

Roger Schank Coloring Outside The Lines and/or John Taylor Gatto A Different Kind Of Teacher

Ray Oldenburg: Great Good Place

James Howard Kunstler: Home From Nowhere

Ernesto Sirolli: Ripples From The Zambezi

Jorge Luis Borges: ??

T H White: The Once And Future King

Douglas Hofstadter: Godel Escher Bach

Douglas Adams: Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

Rudy Rucker: ???

Christopher Stasheff: Escape Velocity

Vernor Vinge: Across Realtime

Hunter S Thompson: Great Shark Hunt collection

Marquis De Sade: ???

Hakim Bey: TAZ

Christopher Alexander: A Pattern Language

Edwin Abbott: FlatLand/Sphere Land

Robert Nozick: Anarchy State And Utopia

Ted Nelson: Literary Machines

Semiotexte Usa

Frederic Bastiat: The Law (maybe not the best choice for someone starting out, but it was what I ran across at the right time and found just the right tone, etc.)

Robert Hooke's MicroGraphia?

Great books that have maybe less of a worldview aspect

Aldous Huxley: Point Counter Point

Umberto Eco: The Name Of The Rose

Samuel Shem: The House Of God

Helen De Witt: The Last Samurai

George Bernard Shaw: ???

Oscar Wilde: ???

Dashiell Hammett: anything

Gregory Mc Donald: the Flynn mysteries

Tom Peters: ???

Geoffrey Moore: Crossing The Chasm

approaches to exposing people to an Enlightenment World View

(see Exposing Young Kids To Science)

visual books

engaging fiction *

simulation/animation of ??? like 2004-12-09-NanotechAnimation

Live Performance; MsPowerpoint

short movie


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