Dan Pink

Author of Free Agent Nation (Free Agent) and others

aka Daniel Pink


Author, Drive, about Motivation. http://www.danpink.com/books/drive/



Author, Whole New Mind

  • http://www.danpink.com/aboutwnm.php

  • SteveRichards summarizes it as a Mind Map.

  • key skills for the New Economy: Design, Story (Story Telling), Symphony (Intertwingularity), Empathy, Play (Play Ethic), Meaning

  • Gary Stager is not a fan (nor of many other popular Business Book-s). I’ve observed that the fancy talkers tend to have three or four good stories, perhaps as many as seven, they use to captivate their readers. If you see the author on Charlie Rose, you hear the three stories. Google an interview and you’ll read the three stories. Read the book and the three stories will appear verbatim. There is a polish to their schtick that often masquerades a lack of depth or thoughtfulness.... What Business Guru-s like Don Tapscott, Dan Pink, Malcolm Gladwell, Stephen Covey, TonyRobbins have in common is that none of them actually ever ran a business prior to hitting the bestseller list proffering untested business advice to others... Many of the readers are hooked on this genre of business book and purchase lots of them. Ironically, the people who don’t read these books are successful business leaders. The New York Times article, "CEO Libraries Reveal Keys to Success", tells us that most successful business leaders, the people self-help book readers wish to emulate, do not read business books. They read poetry and novels and great non-fiction written by experts. In short, CEO libraries are tributes to a great Liberal Arts education. Now that is a lesson school leaders should learn!... The first paragraph of A Whole New Mind is a hideous slur against every man and woman working as what new-school Pink defines as old-school Knowledge Worker-s... These caricatures and simplistic dichotomies not only devalue the “minds” of millions of people, but do great violence to education.

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