Peter Small Stigmergic Systems - smells related to WikiWeb and BlogWeb. The term stigmergy derives from the way colonies of insects Self Organize, to tell each other where to find food and to build complex architectural structures... The basis of a stigmergic system is a location on the Web where people can represent themselves as agents... There are several important areas of information where algorithms, search engines and database technology have difficulties with indexing and classification. These are where there is: ambiguity; high volatility; subjective content; high rates of technological change; classification of people; classification of services; etc. In these problematic information areas, there is a need for multiple levels of categorization and a means of being able to compare conflicting or alternative information. This use of stigmergy provides an elegant and low cost solution by providing a self organizing framework to allow people to be represented by agents for the purpose of exchanging and comparing information and knowledge.

  • I find a lot of his terminology noisy. But there are some interesting ideas about doing a certain amount of categorizing of objects (esp people), then letting people/users download a subset of records matching criteria that define a potential match/interest for qualitative/personal further breakdown. Object Browser, FOAF, Web Services Browser?
  • hmm does this relate to the Folksonomy concept?

Roger Eaton site review

Educated in "engineering communications" program in UK (not as fuzzy as it sounds), later involved in London hipster stuff like the fashion biz. Got into Cd-Rom stuff later, and Director/Lingo.

Now very interested in applying Game Theory attitudes to ebiz.

Trilogy of E Commerce books:

The last book in the trilogy finally gets at designing/launching a real business (not a book, which is the cop-out of the 2nd book): Cancer Treatment World (HealthCare)

  • history - A prototype for the first practical system was sponsored by the French pharmaceutical company, Sanofi-synthelabo, in 2002. This was for a Web site that would enable people to find available treatments trials for various kinds of cancer.
  • Web Presence chapters 8 9 10 11 12 14
  • 2001 paper
  • demo
  • organic portals coverage: article and longer bits

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