How To Raise Reality Hackers

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I am trying to show that life without certainty can be exhilarating, liberating, a great adventure. Robert Anton Wilson

Despite the decades-old shifting from Blue Collar to White Collar work, a number of people feel we've never really made the Economic Transition out of the Industrial Age. And that what we think of as Credit Crisis 2008 is really a period of structural unemployment that will continue until people are able to find roles in the post-Industrial economy, just as the Great Depression may have been mainly about the need to re-deploy the people who were still part of the Agricultural Age.

Under this theory, Raising Kids to be an Organization Man, or even a "FreeAgent" serving the big corporations of the Industrial Age, is not a path to success: Average Is Over. We need a new vision for our kids, and I propose adoption of the term "Reality Hacker".

I believe that kids raised to be Reality Hacker-s will thrive not only economically, but also psychologically.

Table of Contents

Intro: What's A Reality Hacker And Why Would I Want My Kids To Be One?

Before you start

Decide Whether You're Really Ready To Commit To Having Kids; Integrate Your Life Plan Partner Plan And Kid Plan; Lean Family

Pick The Right Place To Live

Strategies and Tactics

Start Them Off Right (Eight Circuit Model Of Consciousness, MindSet, talking, reading, OmniVore)

Consider Education Alternatives - Product Oriented Unschooling and other Generative Schooling

Everyone Should Learn To Program (see Digital Literacy for series of steps)

Happy Body Is Happy Brain (Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed)

Nudge Their Consuming Passions Into Making

Don't Forget To Breathe, Don't Panic, AlwaysKnowWhereYourTowelIs

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