SciFi for Product People

If you're on a software Product Team, in any role, you should read scifi books to see futures. (Movies could work in theory, I think, but rarely are as deep, and require more re-viewing to learn anything from.) Why? For pattern-recognition in seeing-futures, side-effects, ethical issues, and raising the bar in human progress.

Hieroglyph stories, History Of The 21st Century In 100 Objects

Cory Doctorow: Walkaway, Homeland/Little Brother, etc. (almost everything)

Neal Stephenson: SnowCrash, Diamond Age, and every other book with a scifi bent.

Bruce Sterling: Distraction (Sterling Distraction), Maneki Neko...

Daniel Suarez: Daemon and FreedomTM

William Hertling: Hertling Singularity Series

Charlie Stross: Rule34, Halting State, Accelerando...

Vernor Vinge: Rainbows End and others

Robin Sloan: Sourdough and Mr. Penumbra

Simon Morden: Metrozone series

William Gibson: Peripheral

David Brin: Earth (Brin's Earth)

Michael Crichton: Jurassic Park

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