Template System

FrameWork for generating output HTML/XHTML/XML pages from Application Server/WebApp.

Big annoyance for me right now (using Zope/DTML). I want language-specific code-OutLining!

DHH (Ruby On Rails) on "The false promise of template languages". Hrm, the rhtml syntax is typically ugly. He's arguing against the belief that Dream Weaver-friendly systems allow non-programmer designers to create new templates from scratch. He thinks that they still have to depend on programmers to built the initial template, then can make changes later (and he's saying that rhtml is equally effective for that model).

Really, I just like to use Python code itself.

Apr'2011: Chris Dent wants to use JinJa in Tiddly Space.

Jul'2011: Phil Jones notes that Quora uses Python and PyLons, with no Template System.

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