Bill Seitz

Bill Seitz is a Product Manager/CTO with a track-record of bringing a business perspective to building agile product-development teams for start-ups, and is seeking senior role in entrepreneurial organization building disruptive Internet-driven products.

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According to the Dictionary of American Family Names, Seitz is a surname of German origin. Seitz is a variant of those names beginning with "Sig" such as Sigisbald, Sigismund, etc. Sig is derived from the word Segu or Sigu, meaning "might, power, authority, dominion or victory" It is often translated as "Glorious Conqueror".


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Hi Bill, Dean Goodmanson brought your WikiWeblog concerning Zwiki Customizations (and his changes to it) to my NooWiki. - I want to thank you for providing the code. - I love it! Have a look, if you have some time. Regards, Florian

Your yahoo address.. --2003/11/02 12:34 GMT<
> doesn't seem to work (over quota). Is the code for your WikiLog available anywhere, or would you agree to send it to me? thanks! - Stefan Langerman.

DTML for WikiLog --2003/11/09 13:08 GMT<
> Hi. Thanks for the email reply. I don't know if any of my emails reached you. I am indeed running Zope/Zwiki. The main thing I am looking for is how to include part of a Wiki page in another one. For that looking at your code would be great! Thanks. - Stefan Langerman.

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