Everyone Needs Their Own ThinkingSpace

Everyone Needs Their Own ThinkingSpace.

How Will Keeping A Notebook Help You Hack Your Life?

They should probably have Multiple Thinking Spaces

Why not just join a shared/community ThinkingSpace?

This becomes a base for Webs Of Thinkers And Thoughts.

Another spin:

  • I think our mind is a swirling cloud of thoughts/ideas/beliefs/wants
  • those “nodes” aren’t organized in a pretty hierarchy but rather by relatively noisy Association/linking (Associative)
  • we’re often spinning off variations of nodes or seemingly-disconnected new nodes, both intentionally/consciously and not (divergence)
  • the nodes we remember tend to be Associated with other sticky nodes
  • the sum total of these nodes could be thought of as a not-coherent World View – model of the universe
  • Sense Making/Decision Making/ActionTaking typically involves simplifying that mess into a more-coherent sub-model (Convergence)
  • therefore I believe Thinking Tools needs to embrace that process of association, divergence, and convergence.

cf Wiki Proliferation, WikiJunkie

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