How To Make A Complete Map Of Every Thought You Think

Lion Kimbro book in 2004 about keeping a NoteBook as a Reflective Thinker.

It's about how to make a complete map of every thought you think! But it has some other things in there; It talks about Visual Language, maps (Free Form Mind Map), computerized NoteBook-s, theory of notebooks, yadda yadda yadda. Largely a paper-based system, with a section for some ideas on using computers to transcribe your notes, etc. (Thinking Tools)

  • Update: My notekeeping system has since dramatically changed, and is now, primarily, a simple chronology with some discipline connected to it.

Visual summary by Sacha Chua

On applying it in a TeamWiki.

  • The Mappers Process is a WikiProcess designed to help collect ideas, concentrate them, integrate them, and then inspire new ideas- TheIdeaLifeCycle. The process ideally spans multiple wikis, as TheSubjectLifeCycle comes to pass, but can also be performed (poorly) within a single wiki.*

Giles Turnbull interviewed him about it. I wanted to see if I could make myself smarter, by strategically placing notes to myself... It wasn't until I watched the X Men movie, and it made me think about a bunch of things, that I realized that the notes had to stop. Specifically: The movie made me think about a lot of things, Very Quickly. I filled four pages with one line notes about all sorts of things, from metaphysics, to society, to visual language, to identity- all sorts of stuff. It would take ages to unpack it all and integrate it with the rest of the notebook system. It just couldn't be done... You find yourself reaching towards some objective. Your notes are strategy notes, mental puzzling, things like that, to reach the objective. It all goes into the notebook system. Then you have some questions about life. They seem unrelated. It all goes into the notebook system. Then you realize that the objective is important to you. That goes into the notebook system. How do you place "important?" Well, that's connected (Intertwingularity) to your life. But now it's also attached to your objective. A line is literally drawn between the objectives, and the questions about life. You now consider them together... So, you start to recognize, quite clearly, because it's all in your conscious mind, the structure of your life. Why you do things. What your real Belief-s are. What things are core, and what things aren't. You hook your ideas up together- ideas about society, communication, personal identity, and systems in general.You become different. People can tell. It's kind of weird, at times. Because you know the answers to things that people always wondered about, and even felt, but couldn't quite put their finger on... So, I think it's best to get the best of both worlds: I would recommend doing the notebook system once or twice in your lifetime... One of these days, I want to set up a personal notekeeping wiki (Private Wiki). However, that day will not be soon. Someone else will make that wiki, before I get around to it. I am too busy... Your Diagrams:Words ratio should vary from 1:1 to 3:1.

  • they also discussed Wiki, echoing the same themes: All this "friendster" stuff is important, but it's just a ruse. People don't see the real revolution that wiki represents... Wiki is terribly important because it's the first public communication system that is document-based (CommunityWiki:DocumentsVsMessages)... It's something that people can use, and refer back to, time and time again... And so, also, that means that you get a sense of "space." You can point two wiki towards each other... Wiki is the only document based public system. That means that wiki (or something just like wiki, integrated into another system,) will be the vehicle by which our online conversations all organize themselves. It's my NoteBook system, All Over Again. In the notebook system, related things get pointed at each other, and then "move" on the Grand Map (WikiWeb) towards one another... Really, wiki are going to change the world. It's quite clear. The progression is already extraordinary. Wiki is going to make our society more democratic, because we're going to have incredible clarity about things, and because we're going to have all this free information... In about 5-10 years, the Tablet Pc-s will be cheap enough, and we'll have integrated SVG editing into the wiki document technology.
    • line Of The Day: Messages are the spoken words of the Internet; Documents are like its paper.

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