My Social Media Mix

My Social Media Mix (oldest first)

As of May'2001 (Before Google Plus)

My anchor is this WikiLog Thinking Space, run on a fork of the MoinMoin WikiEngine on a Hosted Server.

My RssAggregator is Google Reader.

  • I subscribe to hundreds of feeds.
  • I almost always have thousands of unread items.
  • I use folders heavily. I have 1 folder that's almost always cleared out daily (and often browsed at the folder level). A 2nd that is mostly kept cleared, but browed by feed. Then lots of other folders which get read much less often.
  • I occasionally use the Recommended stream and the "People you follow" stream (not sure that's the right word), but I don't follow that many people's Shares.
  • I use the WebApp on both my Lap Top and my Archos70 (when home).
  • I use the GReader client (which synchs with Google Reader) on my Archos70 when away from home (Off-Line) (WiFi is generally too much of a hassle for that use when out of the house.) Since I limit the updates-per-synch to 50 items, I'm more likely to browse feeds that I rarely visit via WebApp.
  • I Share items I find interesting.

I use Twitter a fair amount.

My Tweets auto-post to FaceBook.

  • I think of FaceBook as mainly a necessary-evil for reaching folks I know who are relative tech-laggards, or have some other reason to not use Twitter.
  • I don't play games there, and I don't want a marketplace or content.


  • Still use to browse friends. Sometimes I use it more than Twitter, othertimes less.

  • I used to use it quite a bit. And even used it on my Nexus One. But at some point the transition from delicious IDs to Yahoo IDs seemed to break most of these 3rd party tools, and had fallen enough in relevance that they didn't seem to be updating them.


  • have Pro account
  • All my photos end up in IPhoto in our IMac, and I use a Flickr Uploader to post some of them online.
  • Pictures of The Kids get limited to friends and/or family. But then these don't show up in any streams, so nobody would know to go looking for them. And people who aren't already FlickR users (e.g. old-NetHead-s) won't bother doing any registration so they view those private pictures.


  • Since I don't do a lot of hiring or job-seeking these days, it doesn't have much use for me.
  • I've joined some Discussion Forum groups there, but never keep up with them.

July'2001: after Google Plus

Google Plus

  • irritated by having multiple people share the same item, though it makes sense that they have separate groups of Followers, ergo different threads of discussion. But that's also kinda crazy.
  • do a lot of +1, but does it matter? I can't see steam of my friends' +1s except by browsing each person's profile separately.
  • do Sharing with SGPlus plugin to auto-post to Twitter (which then auto-posts to FaceBook). But that only works on my Lap Top. So if I have something small to share from my Nexus One or Archos70 I just do it directly in Twitter.

Other systems: no change.

Sept'2011 tweak

Use IfTTT to revive use (posting Google Reader Shares there): 2011-08-12-TaggedBookmarkingAndLinkbloggingGoogleReader

Nov'2011 update (post Google Reader changes)

Switch Google Reader behavior from using Shares to using Stars, have IfTTT post those to Also go back to posting non-feed pages directly to via bookmarklet, replacing old Note In Reader. - 2011-10-20-GoogleReaderSocialFeaturesMovingToGooglePlus

Late-2012 update

Realized I was never adding tags in, so switched to IfTTT agent to post Google Reader Stars to Twitter.

Also, I haven't been using GReader on my Archos70 lately. Partially because it was hard to keep synched (probably because of how many feeds I had), and partially because I've been doing much more InstaPaper and EBook reading when Off-Line.


Discover most reads through Twitter and a private Facebook group I'm in.

Read everything (but books) in InstaPaper, read all books as ebooks in MoonReader (except those available only as Kindle). Both are all on phone, no more tablet.

Highlights go to WikiLog.

Share photos via Twitter.

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