Peer Review

A system of having a piece of work evaluated by people who... can be trusted?

Key to Academic Publishing approach to Scientific Method.

An interesting definitional problem.

See Reputation Management, Idea Futures.

See Blue Oxen:GrassRootsPeerReview

Frank Chimera on "The Wall" - I guess what I’m saying is that critiquing is a new liberal art (Liberal Arts). More of us are put in legitimate place for FeedBack, whether that’s the clients that commission work like design, or the reviews posted by users about books and restaurants on the internet, or the blinking cursor in the text field that encourages us to express ourselves. We need drawing classes everywhere, and who cares if the students learn to draw—we need the wall. We need to have everyone feel the vulnerability that public criticism creates, and to get better at talking about the things that other people make. We need to learn how to create in public and critique socially. Both thicker skin and more eloquent, considerate, and helpful tongues are necessary when finding the tact to evaluate the work in a useful way.

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