Lifelong Learning

see Alexander Patterns: Network Of Learning, University As A Marketplace, Master And Apprentices

mentality that learning doesn't happen only in schools

for Fractally Generative Pattern Language:

Context: We desire individual Agency and aggregate Progress and Evolution through Intelligence Increase of both individuals and society-as-a-whole. (Goal Of Educating Kids)


  • High School fails to be both intellectually-stimulating and anchored-by-the-Real World
  • College Education is too expensive to be a good investment for most people
  • subsidizing high College Tuition with taxes isn't sustainable at large numbers over a long period
  • having some Liberal Arts exposure is a good thing, but more than a little is probably wasted on most people
  • having a chunk of time in a dense community of co-thinkers, away from both parents and personal responsibility, is a good way of Jiggling your brain. One year might be barely enough. Four years at once is probably unnecessary.
    • Actually, 1 week can be enough, under the right conditions.
  • lots of knowledge makes more sense after some Real World exposure (that's applicable to that field). Good MBA programs want entrants to have worked for 2 years after their undergrad time: I'm glad I had worked 4.5 years.
  • No matter how long you stay in college, you'll need to learn more later. Some of this will be narrow/tactical, some may involve a change in personal World View.
    • the latter doesn't necessarily require a huge amount of time/isolation


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