Student Wiki Web

WikiWeb focused on students (esp College Education).

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Basic concept:

WikiEngine that can be run cheaply/easily

  • for single person having multiple spaces (Private Wiki, WikiLog) (e.g. from their Blue Host account)
  • to easily support a few friends, each having multiple spaces, from that hosting
  • to host hordes of users (e.g. at a university)

User should want to keep using it for decades, possibly moving the content from host to host.

  • so as soon as it is hosted in the cloud, it should have a hostname in a domain owned by the user, so the URLs never change.


  • person uses it as his Private Wiki NoteBook/Journal
  • same person uses it for his WikiLog
  • same person uses it for classes
    • some access/rights given to teacher
    • some access/rights given to co-students
      • usually course-membership-driven
        • teacher manages central list/directory of students in that class (ID and space for each student), student can give that group access
        • student can then choose to turn off access for that group at end of class
      • student may choose to continue to give access to certain individuals (past class-members, anyone else)

Features - core

Features - probably needed

Why am I interested in Student (esp College Education) market?

  • because they do lots of note-taking
  • they are more likely to engage in reflective thinking than most other population groups
  • unlike techies, they don't want to build/customize/install their own Open Source software.
  • so I see them as a good early-adoptor market leading to Wiki Everywhere.
  • counter-argument: collaboration (everyone belong to multiple groups) pushes toward a demand for standardization, which turns adoption into an Enterprise sales model.

Aside from software features, this approach probably needs

  • "packaging" of marketing communications that university people can find
  • some sort of "institution" designed to dialogue with university people. That may not need to be a big corporation, but a single consultant would probably not provide the pretense of longevity necessary to make adoptors feel safe.

a competitor: 2011-11-25-CunyCollegeCommonsInABox

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