ThinkingTools Interaction as Medium

on ThinkingTools Interaction as a Medium.... triggered by WardsWiki anniversary zoom....

Feb'2024: running joke about one person uses an AI (LLM) to generate an article from outline/notes.... then the "reader" uses an LLM to summarize it.

  • here's a Mar'2023 tweet

(2023-07-24) Walter Benjamin On The Obsolete Book: the book is already an obsolete mediation between two different index card file systems. For everything essential is found in the index box of the researcher who wrote it, and the scholar who studies it assimilates it in his own card file.

(2021-07-03) Aldrich Differentiating Online Variations Of The Commonplace Book: Ultimately, my dream—similar to that of Bush’s—is for individual commonplace books to be able to communicate not only with their users in the Luhmann-esqe sense, but also communicate with each other.

Hmm do feeds and a universal inbox count? Well, yeah there's a daemon aspect, but the intermediate packets should be atomic notes not full documents/posts?

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