Hypermedia Pattern Language

A Hypermedia Pattern Language. Since Human Systems are Complex Systems from Civilization All the Way Down to human brains, our sense-making and collaboration and communication systems should leverage associative/composable media.

I'm using hypermedia here to handwave at it being hypertext, embedded multimedia, and interglactic. And, in some cases, interactive.

Inspirations/references: Claim, Claim Refactoring Service, Digital Garden, Card-deck, Webs Of Thinkers And Thoughts, Assemble-It-Yourself Component-Based Journalism, Scaling Synthesis, Decentralized Discourse Graph....


A 'node' is a storage-object: record or file. A page is a display of 1+nodes; most often, 1 node. I will probably use these words interchangeably.

Every node should be addressable.

Sometimes a node contains a "single thought" (atomic note), sometimes not. Sometimes it contains a single "block" of text (1 sentence, 1 tweet, 1 paragraph, 1 line-with-sub-bullets), sometimes it doesn't. If you want a subset of a node to be addressable (e.g. paragraph-addressable), you should probably split it off into its own node. (Counter: can/should you leverage text fragment model? Combine text fragment with purple numbers?)

A node should have a good name/title: Designing Good Page Names. Sometimes a node is so short it doesn't have a (separate) name/title (e.g. a tweet). We can often treat the node content itself (stripped of "code") as the name - is there a length-limit to that? Technically you could hit 2000 chars, but is there a downside?

A node's URL should "be" its name: Page Name As URL.

  • should strip punctuation
    • personally, I strip spaces and use Smashed Together Words; other people turn spaces into dashes or underscores.
  • issues with non-ascii characters

A space is a namespace within a domain, a collection of nodes

  • should access-control be by space? Or manually set by node?

A node should be able to link to another node in the same space via Double-Brackets. Such links should work in the opposite direction: BackLinks, particularly Visible Backlinks.


Social Warrens

Permeable membranes, discovery, community, mission

Scenes, Collaborations, Inventions, And Progress

Decentralized Discourse Graph, Garden Warren

Live Chat and Discussion Forums

A post is a node? Or is a post a cluster of nodes, so that one can respond more directly to a specific idea/node?

You respond-to (or post-after creating a chrono sequence) a single node, but you can also link to other nodes. And thus backlinks can lead from those nodes to the new response.

  • should the initial/primary response-connection be "privileged" over the other links?


Soft/emergent team


Software Bootstrap As DAO

turning into....

Traditional/hard team

Graph-Driven SoftwareForge

Indie Media Market



Software/content hybrids: opinionated

Large Organizations

Mainstream media company

City-State, Nation-State, Network State?


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