Graph-Driven SoftwareForge

Graph-Driven SoftwareForge: built on a pattern of graphs (everything is a graph)....

(Your Threaded Discussion is obviously a graph (cf Holocene). And the connections between tasks and discussion-threads is a graph.)

Equally messy, your IssueTracker is a graph, esp once you embrace

  • sub-story Tasks
  • not-software-dev Tasks

And, unless your organization has an amazing culture of focus, it's probably hard to stay clear on why you're doing something, or more-importantly, what you should do next. And when everyone is struggling with this, collaborating across groups becomes a nightmare.

A theory:

But maybe this is "solving the wrong problem", compensating for poor culture and structure and incentives. Tech rarely wins that battle within an org.

Later-related: (2022-04-13) Revisiting AppWiki and WikiProxy

Note this is real-team-targeted, vs TaskCloud: but could both be the same? Yes, except that TaskCloud raises all sorts of complexities (Local-First) for the sake of Decentralization, which is good for Network Economy but irrelevant to the average current/normal team. So maybe Worse-is-Better approach is to get this designed/working in a standard-SaaS model, then refine as decentralized...?

Jul'2022 thoughts

  • the priority-calculation is pointless, but being able to connect tasks upward to layers of strategic context is highly valuable
  • goal2, being able to create subthreads/subtasks all-the-way-down is also crucial
  • goal3 is to be able to relate anything to anything, simply because Everything Is A Graph
  • goal4 is to be able to have async discussions with appropriate context
  • other wants
    • fast, like Asana webapp
      • ideally, the "async" discussion UI is almost as fast enough for real-time
    • easy to add yourself to any "thread"
  • What, is Tana the solution?

Sept'2023 thoughts

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