A 20th Century Economic Theory

From the Great Depression through now. 2 separate Economic Transitions. (A Brain Fart started in 2009.)

Prequel: Federal Reserve created in 1913.

The Great Depression may have been triggered by monetary/economic BigGov policies, but it was probably caused by the loss of farm and manufacturing jobs (Economic Transition, Technological Revolutions And Financial Capital).

The Great Depression was not "solved" by the New Deal. In fact, the New Deal may have lengthened the depression (Great Duration). (On the other hand, it probably did reduce the number of people starving to death in the meantime.)

It was fixed by the combination of post-WorldWarII re-investment (creating demand/growth) combined with the peak in effectiveness of the Industrial Age and BigWorld scale.

This growth was sufficient that the overhead of New Deal redistribution was "affordable". This led to growth of the Middle Class. (Golden Age)

When economic growth slowed, as post-war rebuilding and resulting momentum had dissipated, and as Globalization spread, the cost of New Deal became more significant.

Any lessons for handling Credit Crisis 2008? Any hope to "save" the Middle Class, or are we doomed to Collapse?

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