My 25-Year Vision Roles

My Role-based 25-Year Vision Document, from Effective Entrepreneur

Business/Make Money/Change The World: I am a (software) Product and System Innovator, creator of progress and agency (My Calling).

Health (Physical Fitness): I am a Bright-Eyed And Bushy-Tailed Squirrel!

  • Why: I want the energy and attitude to dealWith/adaptTo reality in real-time with aplomb and grace. I want to run across branches as they blow in the wind and pick the right next branch to jump to. Even if I have a belly like a well-fed squirrel!
  • What: I can do 7min exercise (every day) without feeling crummy afterwards! I can play squash for an hour against a younger man and feel good. I do Bounce And Shake Exercise dance to re-generate energy during the day instead of eating crap.

Relationships: I am a PlayMate.

  • Why: I want to have fun with a variety of people, and have them enjoy spending time with me as well. But I don't need a super-deep relationship with too many people, or at least not a TightlyCoupled one, maybe just comfortable trust...
  • What: I have friends (My Friends) who I have extended conversations with weekly, whether online (not just facebook threads) or in-person (food+drink). I might not be anyone's best friend, but I have 6-12 people for whom I'm in their top-6-12. I bring some fun/energy/activities to family life.

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